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About Us

At Brochure Displays Inc., quality matters to us because we take pride in our work. We have been manufacturing literature displays since 1964. To this day, all displays are built to order. Our Display Department furnishes you with a variety of styles and colors. Should your needs require a color not offered, please call our Operations Manager for quantity requirements and up charge. Our Operations Manager works with our master craftsmen who design the displays for your literature.

First we design a prototype to fit the needs of our customers. After the prototype is approved, it then goes to our Programming Department. In this stage the specifications are entered into our computerized router. The next step is our production department, where the display is perfectly cut to the dimensions needed. The pieces then go to our Assembly Department. After assembly, the product goes to Quality Control. If everything meets our high standards for quality it goes to our Shipping Department and your display is on its way to you.

Adjust Display to Your Needs

All of our display racks have unique, interchangeable dividers to place between pockets. The divider allows you the freedom to configure the pockets to your needs. By simply positioning the "L-Bracket" to hold the literature, you can configure your display to hold either all brochures, all magazines or a combination of both.

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